About Us

“As someone whose childhood was robbed because of war, I am a proof that you can still heal and grow if someone gives a lending hand”

Shafiq Mureed, Founder

Rayan Children is the vision of Afghanistan’s celebrated artist Shafiq Mureed and his wife Limah. Shafiq–himself a child who lost his father to war and forced into child labor on the frontlines of battles– was inspired by the tragic story of the Moroccan boy Rayan, who sadly lost his life after falling into a well. Though Rayan did not make it alive, his story gave life to so many other children.

Rayan Children is a holistic shelter, home for some of the most traumatized children who are either missing one or both parents to war, drugs or poverty. Most have been street beggars with years of traumatic experiences. At Rayan Children these children not only find a loving and caring home environment, but qualified staff to help heal their trauma and put them on track for personal growth and mental development. While most shelters and orphanages in Afghanistan provide basic food and housing, we at Rayan Children strive to introduce a new level of care through our Rayan Promise Program.